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As a teen girl or young woman, there are things about adult life you can't, won't or daren't ask parents, teachers or even your girlfriends. Perhaps you don't want to appear stupid or think you're somehow supposed to know these things already. You are not alone. Detailed help is only a couple of clicks away!

Packed with must-have, practical, no-nonsense, honest tell-it-like-it-is information, relevant and respectful advice and inspirational wisdom specifically for teen girls and young women. This book will open your eyes, give you an inner, knowing smile and provide you with the best possible foundation for your future life.

Includes: what every teen and young woman needs to know about being a 21st century woman, looking after yourself, improving the relationship you have with yourself; being genuinely happy with healthy self-confidence, self-esteem and an attractive attitude, relationships with others (friends and those dreaded 'frenemies'), sex-from the first time onwards, how to understand men, spotting (and avoiding) the dangerous ones, what no one tells you about marriage and divorce, the secret 'rules' in the workplace, what the rich know about money, the poor don't, making better decisions, understanding risk and building a solid personal and professional reputation.

By the time you've read this book, you will be equipped with what you need to know to lead a confident life as a young woman.

What teen girls and young women are saying about this book

A wonderful guide to all things feminine... it's about me and every other girl/woman in the world who has doubts, insecurities and feels disconnected... factual and insightful...a must have for every teenage girl/woman... the section on self-esteem and feeling better about yourself helped me ...a great book for young women ... reading this book, my outlook on life will change for the better. I learned so many valuable life lessons. I will certainly be recommending this book to many of my friends... finished it last night feeling completely in love with myself and my body ... It shocked me how much of the book I could relate to ... I liked how there was a mix of the females and then the perspective from the author ...Very nicely written accessible and smart, the language is understandable and draws you in... really useful, especially the things on money and jobs ... I'd never normally read self help books but this was actually very interesting and had some useful information about being happy with yourself ...Thorough, caring, non-patronizing ...a real eye-opener ...Loved the emotional aspects in the book...I like the writing style ... nice to see someone of the older generation writing for and to younger generations. A must-read for girls becoming women...This book is really amazing.

Please read the sample, to see for yourself.
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Pubblicato: 2015-06-08
ISBN: 9781783017492

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