The Voice of The Silence: Theosophy - H.P.B.

The Voice of The Silence: Theosophy

The Voice of The Silence: Theosophy

4,33 3 5 Scritto da: H.P.B. Letto da: A.K.
“Hast thou attuned thy being to

Humanity’s great pain, O candidate for light?”

“Can there be bliss when all that lives must suffer? Shalt thou be saved and hear the whole world cry?”

“Then from the heart that Power shall rise into ... the middle region, the place between thine eyes, when it becomes the breath of the ONE-SOUL,

the voice which filleth all…

’Tis only then thou canst become a

“Walker of the Sky” …

Before thou set’st thy foot upon the ladder’s upper rung, the ladder of the mystic sounds, thou hast to hear the voice of thy inner GOD…”

This extraordinary, essential, sacred Theosophical text has been carefully cross-referenced and reproduced for republication. It is a verbatim copy of the original 1889 edition, the only exception being the correction of a very few extremely minor printing press typographical errors. Absolutely no changes have been made to the original writings, the teachings remain pure and completely intact.


Written down by HPB
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Religione e Spiritualità Traduttore:

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Editore: Author's Republic
Pubblicato: 2018-03-25
Durata: 2H 23Min
ISBN: 9781518996801

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