Daintree Kids Find Mad Dog's Cave - Tanya Volentras

Daintree Kids Find Mad Dog's Cave

Daintree Kids Find Mad Dog's Cave

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Set in the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, the Daintree Kids traverse an amazing area rich with incredible flora and fauna unique to this part of the world. Created for primary school aged children, the story aims to inspire a love of adventure, Nature and exploring. Sam and Bec, and their best friends Dylan and Camille are given permission to go camping for two nights and they decide to explore up a creek. They are hoping to find a waterfall they have heard about. They don't know that an escaped prisoner is being sought by police in the area, but they find his hideout (Mad Dog's cave) and are highly suspicious when they find a big bag of money. They freak out, and decide to head back towards home, but they need to go off the creek in case they bump into him, and adventure ensues .... what happens next? The lush audio was recorded in situ so the listener can jump boulders alongside the Daintree Kids as they travel upstream beneath the towering green trees. This soundscape is designed to be an immersive experience so that you can 'see' the glowing fungi and green tree frogs and feel your heat beat faster beside the rushing waterfall or when the characters are venturing into the dark mystery of Mad Dog's cave. Daintree Kids Find Mad Dog's Cave is a tale of friendship and resilience. Facing different obstacles, the four children need to be resourceful and collaborate together to keep each other safe. Each character undergoes his or her own journey, but when you have good friends beside you, even if they are soooo annoying, things will turn out fine. Daintree Kids is creative, fun and an engaging stimulant to spark your child's imagination - and your child will certainly enjoy the two songs created especially for this project as well. Cast: Sam: Joshua Pelach Bec: Tia Davis Dylan: Shannon Lee Camille: Amber Thynne Mum: Rebecca Ralfe Dad: Chad Nightingall Ray Gibbs: Aden Brim Mean man: Mark Bullis Craig: Phil Ralfe
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Young Adult Traduttore:

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Editore: Author's Republic
Pubblicato: 2018-03-17
Durata: 1H 34Min
ISBN: 9781982701086

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