Dogs: As They Are - Eric A. Brad

Dogs: As They Are

Dogs: As They Are

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Dogs: As They Are the first in a series of ebooks that present collected essays by author and dog trainer Eric Brad. Previously published for an online magazine, these essays have been been put together on the theme of dogs and their nature. The book covers a range of topics from the origin of dogs to their biology, psychology, and ethology. The importance of understanding our dogs for who and what they are cannot be overstated. As our closest domesticated animal partner, it is often easy to assume too much (or too little) about our dogs.

Each essay is introduced by the author with some insight on its inspiration and how it came to be written. The book also includes all new Introduction and Epilogue essays that highlight the thematic nature of the book and discuss the larger concepts that the author tries to cover.
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Editore: Eric A. Brad
Pubblicato: 2012-01-01
ISBN: 9780991699001

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