The Happy Gut Guide - Wendy Green

The Happy Gut Guide

The Happy Gut Guide

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Learn how to truly trust your gut.

As well as digesting your food, your gut plays a vital role in your health and happiness. Not only does it contain over 100 million nerves, but it also hosts over 100 trillion bacteria that influence your immune system, weight, mood and general well-being. This book offers easy-to-follow, practical advice on how to have a happy gut and enjoy good health from the inside out. It will help you to:

• Improve your digestion with a healthy, balanced diet

• Soothe your gut with simple de-stressing techniques and good sleep habits

• Boost your beneficial gut bacteria and lose excess pounds with delicious gut-friendly meals

• Make your own fermented probiotic foods

• Strengthen your immune system and feel happier
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Pubblicato: 2018-02-08
ISBN: 9781786856128

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