Younger Skin in 28 Days - Karen Fischer

Younger Skin in 28 Days

Younger Skin in 28 Days

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‘Your best weapon against skin ageing is your fork!’

Beautiful skin is not only for the genetically blessed – everyone can enjoy the self-confidence that comes from looking their best, regardless of age. In 'Younger Skin in 28 Days', award-winning author and nutritionist Karen Fischer reveals how you can firm and tone your skin and take years off your appearance in a matter of weeks. Among the many skin conditions that can be improved are:

• cellulite

• wrinkles

• dry skin

• sun damage

• acne

• rough and bumpy skin

• age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Karen reveals the best skin-care products and supplements for younger skin, and includes a 3-day alkalising cleanse to fast-track your results as well as a 14-day menu plan featuring delicious, quick and easy recipes. You might find you start feeling younger too, as the nutritionally balanced health program also helps to:

• boost energy and concentration

• promote healthy weight-loss

• strengthen bones, hair and nails

• reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

• lower cholesterol

• prevent bloating, and much more!
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Editore: Exisle Publishing
Pubblicato: 2013-10-01
ISBN: 9781775590996

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