Bobbo, Where Are You Going? - Roberto Piumini

Bobbo, Where Are You Going?

Bobbo, Where Are You Going?

2.33 3 5 Autore: Roberto Piumini
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Collection of Bobbo Before Bed Stories "It’s Bobbo the Bear. The bear I really love." This collection of Bobbo stories includes "Bobbo and the Shadow," "Bobbo Goes Far," and "Bobbo, Bea and the Squirrels. In "Bobbo and the Shadow," Bobbo the Bear is being followed by something funny. It looks like him and moves just like him, too. It's his shadow! In "Goes Far, " Bobbo's mother needs to go into the forest and leaves Bobbo alone at the cave. Bobbo knows he is not supposed to go past the big tree, but he's so curious! What will happen when Bobbo disobeys his mother? In "Bobbo, Bea and the Squirrels" Bobbo discovers a new little bear in the forest. Her name is Bea and they watch the squirrels have a race. Each Bobbo story features Bobbo the Bear, his friends and his family as he explores the forest and learns more about growing up. Bobbo stories make excellent before bed read-aloud books, with each story lasting about 5 minutes. Originally published in Italian, Bobbo books tell stories that all children can relate to and enjoy. Xist Publishing is proud to present the Bobbo Books to a new generation of children. By bringing beloved stories from diverse cultures to new audiences, Xist Publishing celebrates childhood in all its beautiful forms. We hope your children will enjoy these stories and discover a lifetime love of reading and love for all the people and creatures of the world.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Bambini Traduttore: Natalie Hall

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Editore: Xist Publishing
Pubblicato: 2018-01-15
ISBN: 9781532402722

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