Frankie's Manor - Anna King

Frankie's Manor

Frankie's Manor

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She loved two men on different sides of the law… Rose Kennedy was lucky to have two men she could trust. Keeping her job as a barmaid in the East End wasn’t easy, but with the support of her sweetheart Jack Adams, a local constable, and Frankie Buchanan, whom she loves like a brother, she dreams of a bright future. But there is no love lost between the men. Hackney is ‘Frankie’s manor’ and because of his protection racket, Jack is determined to put its ringleader behind bars. When talk of wedding bells for Jack and Rose meet opposition, Rose isn’t prepared to have her happiness ruined for family pride. But when Rose finds herself alone and heartbroken, Frankie is there to pick up the pieces… A gripping and emotional saga, perfect for readers of Rosie Goodwin and Val Wood.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Narrativa Traduttore:

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Editore: Canelo Saga
Pubblicato: 2018-02-05
ISBN: 9781788630610

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