Shattered Icon

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An ancient secret, a modern nightmare.
Antique-map-dealer Harry Blake appreciates the quiet life. But when a local landowner asks him to value a four-hundred-year old journal and is then brutally murdered, Harry’s peace of mind is destroyed.

Why is the dusty journal a matter of life or death? The trail leads him into a world of deadly Elizabethan conspiracies, religious intrigue and back to the blood-soaked Crusades…

Can Harry and marine historian Zola Khan find the missing piece of a celestial puzzle? At stake are millions of dollars, and a terrorist plot to trigger total war.

Perfect for fans of Dan Brown and Scott Mariani, Shattered Icon is a blistering crypto-thriller that won’t let go.
Praise for Bill Napier
‘Intriguing and imaginative. An inventive piece of storytelling' Steve Berry, bestselling author of The Amber Room

‘A thrilling novel of exploration, discovery, and ultimately survival’ Jack DuBrul, bestselling author of The Medusa Stone
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Editore: Canelo Action
Pubblicato: 2017-11-06
ISBN: 9781788630412

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