Adventures in America, 1883 - Dr. John Raffensperger

Adventures in America, 1883

Adventures in America, 1883

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Here is the third of the "lost" diaries of young Arthur Conan Doyle, written in 1883 while he was a young doctor starting out in his career. This rollicking story of high adventure tells of how Arthur Conan Doyle serves as a British spy along with the legendary Doctor Joseph Bell - who became the real-life inspiration for the world's most famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes. This diary details how Doyle and Dr. Bell journey to America on a secret forensic mission to stop a series of murders and what could escalate into a world war. Peopled with Doyle's real-life literary contemporaries - including Herman Melville and Oscar Wilde, it is an exciting mix of murder, mystery, literary history, and humor sure to please Sherlock Holmes fans everywhere!
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Editore: Andrews UK
Pubblicato: 2017-12-11
ISBN: 9781787051577

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