The Slaughter Man - Tony Parsons

The Slaughter Man

The Slaughter Man

3,83 58 5 Scritto da: Tony Parsons Letto da: Colin Mace
On New Year’s Day, a wealthy family is found slaughtered inside their exclusive gated community in north London, their youngest child stolen away. The murder weapon is a gun for stunning cattle, leading Detective Max Wolfe to a dusty corner of Scotland Yard’s Black Museum devoted to a killer who thirty years ago was known as the Slaughter Man. But the Slaughter Man is now old and dying. Can he really be back in the game?
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Gialli Serie: DC Max Wolfe: 2 Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: W. F. Howes Ltd
Pubblicato: 2015-05-21
Durata: 7H 23Min
ISBN: 9781471292798

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