More than Money - Charles Oham

More than Money

More than Money

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More than Money details the theory and practical experiences of people and social entrepreneurs who have realised that having a lack of money should never be a barrier to fulfilling ones objectives. Over centuries, individuals have used other forms of capital to live out their dreams and now should not be an exception given the huge challenges we face in society. Pierre Bourdieu, the famous sociologist of our time lamented on the way society focused and depended on money that was finite while being ignorant of other forms of capital that could be used to actualize ones dreams, this book builds on his work and that of others. More than Money gives individuals the tools to navigate their way out of debt and lack through an understanding of, and the use of different types of capitals. This book will enable people most especially social entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges affecting humanity in the developed and developing world by allowing them to be creative in financing their objectives. Poverty, malnutrition and a lack of basic goods and services in society can be skilfully tackled with the use of other forms of capitals and not just by money. Capitals such as social, human, cultural, symbolic and environmental capital can replace money in addressing various needs. It is time for us not to be constrained by a lack of money but by understanding that there are other ways of making that dream come true. Capital Literacy is a pragmatic answer to most of the financial challenges a person or community may face.
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Pubblicato: 2016-05-18
ISBN: 9781783019533

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