The 30-Day Sex Solution - John Wilson, Victoria Zdrok Wilson

The 30-Day Sex Solution

The 30-Day Sex Solution

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Have Sex for 30 Days--and Transform Your Marriage!

Let's face it: Sex is the barometer of your relationship. When the sex is great, odds are your relationship is great, too. But when the sex is not so great--or nonexistent!--your relationship suffers as well.

Time for The 30-Day Sex Solution! This sensibly sexy handbook is the brainchild of Playboy Playmate and sex psychologist Dr. Victoria Zdrock Wilson and her therapist husband John Wilson. This happily married expert couple shows you and your partner now to reclaim intimacy, one day--and night!--at a time:
Days 1-6: Renew your vows, reduce distractions, focus on just you twoDays 7-12: Recapture romance and rekindle your passionDays 13-18: Rediscover each other--and reinvent yourselves as a coupleDays 19-24: Embrace the power of playDays 25-30: Become sexual and spiritual soul mates
Together, the Wilsons give you a sensual roadmap back to the affection, commitment, and passion you once shared. Because love--and sex--really is better the second time around!
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Editore: Adams Media
Pubblicato: 2011-05-18
ISBN: 9781440525599

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