The 30 Secrets Of Happily Married Couples - Paul Coleman

The 30 Secrets Of Happily Married Couples

The 30 Secrets Of Happily Married Couples

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A completely revised and updated blueprint for happier marriages!

It's better--and easier--to change your relationship than it is to change your partner. Based on Dr. Paul Coleman's experience with thousands of couples, this groundbreaking guide shows you thirty proven ways to do just that. In this comprehensive all new edition, Dr. Coleman offers fresh insights for a happy marriage, such as:
• Don't expect miracles overnight.
• Stop judging and start accepting.
• Tap into the power of small talk.
• Encourage each other's dreams.
• Reduce conversation killers.
• Eliminate the seven sexual myths.

With The 30 Secrets of Happily Married Couples on your bedside table, you can make your marriage stronger and happier--whether you've been married for five days or fifty years!
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Editore: Adams Media
Pubblicato: 2006-07-13
ISBN: 9781440518188

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