The Everything Kama Sutra Book - Suzie Heumann

The Everything Kama Sutra Book

The Everything Kama Sutra Book

3,26 91 5 Scritto da: Suzie Heumann
Originating in India more than 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra is the oldest and most widely read sex manual of its kind. This ancient text has achieved new popularity as more and more couples seek tried-and-tested techniques for increasing sexual pleasure, enhancing intimacy, and revitalizing their love lives.
The Everything® Kama Sutra Book presents readers with kissing techniques, sexual positions, and sensual play that are sure to heighten pleasure and bring couples closer together emotionally. Author and world-reknowned sex expert Suzie Heumann brings the Kama Sutra into the modern world with practical methods for bringing satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness to any relationship.

Through sensitive instruction and tasteful, authentic illustrations by artist Susan Holve, couples learn how to:

·Set the mood for intimate moments
·Experiment with foreplay
·Enable both partners to reach new heights of ecstasy
·Get past inhibitions and explore creative positions
·Find spiritual as well as sexual fulfillment with a partner

Brimming with experienced advice and beautiful images, The Everything® Kama Sutra Book is an intimate guide to making monogamy sizzle.
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Editore: Everything
Pubblicato: 2011-12-15
ISBN: 9781605504919

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