The Marriage Devotional: 365 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love - Meera Lester

The Marriage Devotional: 365 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love

The Marriage Devotional: 365 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love

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Happily married people live longer, healthier, wealthier lives. And they donÆt fight any more or less than unhappily married couples. WhatÆs their secret? In this book, youÆll learn the many ways in which couples can build intimacy and reinforce their commitment to one another--every day of the year.

Inside this engaging, enlightening handbook, youÆll find easy things you can do every day to make marriage as happy and fulfilled as it can be, such as:
#10: Keep one anotherÆs secrets.
Relationship experts say that intimacy is strengthened and marriage bonds deepened when couples regard keeping each otherÆs secrets as a sacred trust. Keeping your word to your spouse makes possible the revealing of vulnerabilities, fears, aspirations, and dreams.

#112: Have sex tonight. And again tomorrow night.
Couples who have more sex report happier marriages, according to the American Sexual Behavior study conducted by the University of Chicago.

#286: Stay friendly when arguing.
ItÆs a given that you can forcefully argue your side, so try switching sides to debate your partnerÆs viewpoint. Ask your partner to present your side. Call each other by pet names to keep the conversation friendly.

From impromptu trysts and new sexual positions to couplesÆ retreats and joint acts of charity, these are marital tips and tricks that really work--no matter how long youÆve been married.
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Editore: Adams Media
Pubblicato: 2010-08-18
ISBN: 9781440508585

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