Return to Harmony - Janette Oke, Davis Bunn

Return to Harmony

Return to Harmony

4,75 4 5 Scritto da: Janette Oke, Davis Bunn Letto da: Christina Moore
Jodie and Bethan are about as different as two young women can be, but growing up they develop a strong bond of friendship in the quiet town of Harmony, North Carolina. As the world plunges into war, though, their friendship is tested by a devastating loss. Jodie blames God for the horror and sorrow of the world as she goes off to college dreaming of a grand future. But Bethan's quiet desire to follow God's will keeps her close to home, where her love and simple faith can serve as a model of inspiration for Jodie. Christina Moore's illuminating narration of this moving story captures the quiet simplicity of lives given over to love and acceptance.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Narrativa Traduttore:

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Editore: Recorded Books, Inc.
Pubblicato: 2007-11-26
Durata: 6H 6Min
ISBN: 9781428199538

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