Mastering Self-Discipline with NLP - Kerry L. Johnson

Mastering Self-Discipline with NLP

Mastering Self-Discipline with NLP

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Put an end to procrastination forever!

If you had more self-discipline, could you increase your income? In this program,
you'll discover breakthrough techniques which will help you achieve
your dreams. By artfully blending proven-effective techniques adopted from behavior therapy, cognitive psychology, and the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kerry Johnson has devised a program that will empower you to exercise perfect, consistent self-discipline - automatically.

This program will show you how to:
• Identify and eliminate the unconscious factors that might be preventing you from reaching a particular goal
• Reprogram your beliefs so that they are in alignment with your goals
• Root out self-limiting fears
• Change your emotional and physical states so that they coincide with what you want to accomplish
• And more!
This program gives you a simple step-by-step plan for putting these powerful strategies to work in your life quickly, so you'll start to experience fantastic results right away. Already a mega-best seller, this program is the finest ever produced on giving you more self-discipline.
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Editore: Gildan Media
Pubblicato: 2015-04-01
Durata: 5H 29Min
ISBN: 9781469061139

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