Park Your Car in Harvard Yard - Israel Horovitz

Park Your Car in Harvard Yard

Park Your Car in Harvard Yard

5 1 5 Scritto da: Israel Horovitz Letto da: Judith Ivey, Jason Robards
Formato: audio.
Jacob Brackish, the toughest, meanest teacher ever to set foot in Gloucester High School is dying at home. His advertisement for a housekeeper to look after him during his final years is answered by a mousy 40-year-old named Kathleen, a woman Jacob has forgotten he flunked years before. Judith Ivey and Jason Robards recreate the roles they originated on Broadway in Israel Horovitz's humorous and moving play.

An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring:

Judith Ivey as Katherine Hogan
Jason Robards as Jacob Brackish

Directed by Mark Ward. Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Santa Monica in April of 1993.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Poesia Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: L.A. Theatre Works
Pubblicato: 2001-08-09
Durata: 1H 37Min
ISBN: 9781580816885

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