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The Runner's Field Manual

The Runner's Field Manual

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Whether you run in the city or on trails, in races or just for fun, you'll find The Runner's Field Manual loaded with practical advice and how-to instruction. As funny as it is useful, this volume covers everything from Dealing With Drivers to Toenail Maintenance, and explores in explicit detail.

Urban: The Blackberry-transfixed businessmanSuburban: The bored, angry dogTrail: The mountain biker who has watched too many Mountain Dew commercials

The Reef Knot: The only knot you need to knowBarefoot Running: Crazy? Or just insane?The Trash Bag Poncho: Three steps to ultra-cheap rainwear

Finding the Damn Thing: Not always so easyNavigating the Aid Station: Pinch the cupFinish Line Vomit: Hey, it happens

Full of charts, illustrations, and more than a few laughs, The Runner's Field Manual is the perfect reference for anyone who loves to run--or wants to learn how.
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Editore: Rodale
Pubblicato: 2010-10-12
ISBN: 9781609612108

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