The No OM Zone

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If you've ever wanted to try yoga but felt intimidated to walk into a class--or maybe tried it but were put off by complicated poses, foreign terminology, or chanting--The No OM Zone is for you. The No OM Zone, a practical guide designed to make yoga accessible to everyone, is based on the pioneering program by former professional triathlete, Kimberley Fowler whose pioneering "Yoga for Athletes" Workout and DVD introduced everyday people to yoga with a fun and fulfilling approach.

The No OM Zone offers a range of yoga workouts as well as excellent information on:
The benefits of yoga, from improved posture to increased energy and lower stressInjury prevention and rehabilitation through yogaTypes of yoga and yoga styles, from Kundalini to Power Yoga, and which one is right for youBreath work and meditationPoses that target specific muscle groups and areas of the bodySports-related benefits and sports-specific poses to help you excel at your favorite event or pastime

Designed to get you off the couch and onto the mat, The No OM Zone can help you enjoy the amazing, lifelong benefits of the ancient practice.
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Editore: Rodale
Pubblicato: 2010-07-06
ISBN: 9781605291024

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