Wesley's Revision of The Shorter Catechism - John Wesley

Wesley's Revision of The Shorter Catechism

Wesley's Revision of The Shorter Catechism

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The formation of the Christian faith in the hearts and minds of believers was of supreme importance in John Wesley’s evangelical ministry. It was so important that he placed this revision of the Westminster Shorter Catechism in his Christian Library intending for it to be read by his preachers as a part of their ongoing theological education.

Wesley’s Revision of the Shorter Catechism serves as a crucial work in The John Wesley Collection as it demonstrates the extent to which foundational Christian doctrine was important to Wesley’s view of the Christian life. Not only does his revision establish the significance of catechesis to the Wesleyan theological tradition, it also helps us to understand those points of divergence between Wesley’s Arminian perspective and the Reformed perspective of the Shorter Catechism. This edition also contains the thorough commentary prepared by James Alexander MacDonald.
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Editore: Seedbed
Pubblicato: 2016-06-21
ISBN: 9781628242614

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