Body Toning for Women - Lucy Wyndham-Read

Body Toning for Women

Body Toning for Women

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BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINER Every woman wants to work on some part of her body. Whether you're looking to shape your arms, bust, back, abs, bottom, or legs, Lucy Wyndham-Read's book on body toning will help you get the perfect gym body. Within just 21 days, you will see noticeable differences and get closer to the body you've always dreamt of. The book contains numerous exercises for each problem area with different difficulty levels so that you can keep progressing while the pounds and inches are disappearing. All exercises in this book can be performed at home and can be done using only your body weight or small household objects. Several readymade workouts help you find the perfect training routine. Even if you've got a busy life, Lucy's got the perfect workout for you: Get fit and sexy in just four minutes a day! Beauty tips for every part of your body and extra sections on cardio, nutrition, and motivation will help you turn back time and look 10 years younger. Lucy's favorite delicious recipes will inspire you to change your diet and live a healthier life. For any woman who wants to get her dream body without losing too much time and money, Body Toning for Women is the perfect companion.
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Editore: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Pubblicato: 2015-12-28
ISBN: 9781782554035

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