The Need

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In the late 1930 as the Nazis' grip of Germany and Austria tightened and their persecution of Jews intensified, many Jewsish parents were desperate for their children, at least, to escape the terror that threatened them all. The organised exodus of children 'the Kindertransport' did indeed save many lives. It did not occur to Ester that she would never see her family again. To her, the worry she felt constantly about her family's financial trouble and her mother's long hours of hard work, leaving home was a relief. She had no idea that she would never again see her family. Her father's words spoken, some times in humour, some times in worry, would influenece her choice of husband and ruin her marriage. Her triumph over adversity by hard work caused resentment in her husband. On his deathbed he raised his arms in an embrace. Too late.
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Editore: Ecademy Press
Pubblicato: 2010-07-30
ISBN: 9781907722059

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