The Will To Be Well - Charles Brodie Patterson

The Will To Be Well

The Will To Be Well

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In the mind of man there is the dawning of a new and vital fact that the authority of law is resident in his own life; that health, strength, and happiness, as conditions of mind and body, must be made manifest through conscious effort on his part by the use of spiritual qualities and mind-faculties; that through the indwelling spirit his mind must be quickened and renewed and his body strengthened and made whole.


What The New Thought Stands For
The Unity Of Life
Demand And Supply
The Law Of Attraction
Mental Influences
Freedom- Individual And Universal
Hearing And Doing
The Mission Of Jesus
The Religion Of Christ
Things Worth Remembering
The Laws Of Health
Spiritual Treatment
The Life Of Power
The Way Of Salvation
The Kingdom Of God
The Spirit Of Praise
The Kingdom Of Man
The Dawn Of A New Age
The Controlled Life
Health Of Mind And Body
The Continuity Of Life
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Editore: Jazzybee Verlag
Pubblicato: 2012-12-13
ISBN: 9783849627119

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