Magickal Astrology - Skye Alexander

Magickal Astrology

Magickal Astrology

3,45 22 5 Scritto da: Skye Alexander Letto da: Rebecca Mitchell
"Astrology and magick are links between universal forces and earthly experience." -Skye Alexander

Magickal Astrology shows you how to use cosmic forces to enhance your personal growth and magickal work. In addition to providing a historic overview of astrology's impact on architecture, the body, music, and language, the book includes a thorough explanation of how to assess your birth chart and information on working with planetary cycles, transits, lunar energies, eclipses, and more. Chapters include:

- Magick and the Astrological Elements

- Working with the Elements in Rituals

- Your Magick Toolbox

- Working with Solar and Lunar Energies

- Planetary Powers

- Magickal Botanicals

- Crystals and Gemstones

- Timing Magick Work

- Predicting the Future with Astrology

Here, veteran astrologer Skye Alexander offers numerous ideas and inspiration for incorporating star power in rituals, celebrations, and everyday life.
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Editore: Tantor Audio
Pubblicato: 2019-03-01
Durata: 5H 13Min
ISBN: 9781977341235

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