The Greatest Westerns of Robert E. Howard - Robert E. Howard

The Greatest Westerns of Robert E. Howard

The Greatest Westerns of Robert E. Howard

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The Breckinridge Elkins Stories are humorous stories of a kind, strong but not very smart cowboy. He was featured in twenty-six humorous Western short stories. Other collections of stories are The Pike Bearfield stories, The Buckner Jeopardy Grimes stories and many more western tales.

Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) was an American author who wrote pulp fiction in a diverse range of genres. He is well known for his character Conan the Barbarian and is regarded as the father of the sword and sorcery subgenre. Howard began losing interest in Conan in late 1934, with a growing desire to write westerns.

The 'Breckinridge Elkins' Stories:
Mountain Man
Guns Of The Mountains
The Scalp Hunter
A Gent From Bear Creek
The Road To Bear Creek
The Haunted Mountain
War On Bear Creek
The Feud Buster
Cupid From Bear Creek
The Riot At Cougar Paw
The Apache Mountain War
Pilgrims To The Pecos
Pistol Politics
Evil Deeds At Red Cougar
High Horse Rampage
No Cowherders Wanted
The Conquerin' Hero Of The Humbolts
Sharp's Gun Serenade
Texas John Alden
The 'Pike Bearfield' Stories:
While Smoke Rolled
A Gent From The Pecos
Gents On The Lynch
The Riot Of Bucksnort
The 'Buckner Jeopardy Grimes' Stories:
A Man-Eating Jeopard
Knife-River Prodigal
A Ring-Tailed Tornado
Other Western Stories:
Golden Hope Christmas
Drums of the Sunset
Boot-Hill Payoff
Vulture's Sanctuary
The Vultures of Wahpeton
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