Whodunit Murder Mysteries: 15 Books in One Edition - E. Phillips Oppenheim

Whodunit Murder Mysteries: 15 Books in One Edition

Whodunit Murder Mysteries: 15 Books in One Edition

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This whodunit murder mysteries collection brings to you some of Oppenheim's finest murder mysteries to keep you at your toes:

The Evil Shepherd
Murder at Monte Carlo, or Wolves Amongst the Honey
The Glenlitten Murder
The Cinema Murder
The Murder of William Blessing
Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees The Malefactor
Michael's Evil Deeds
The Peer and the Women
The Wicked Marquis
The Man Whom Nobody Liked
The Imperfect Crime
The Avenger
The Survivor
The Man Without Nerves
The Man Who Changed His Plea

E. Phillips Oppenheim, the Prince of Storytellers (1866-1946) was an internationally renowned author of mystery and espionage thrillers. His novels and short stories have all the elements of blood-racing adventure and intrigue and are precursors of modern-day spy fictions.
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Editore: Musaicum Books
Pubblicato: 2017-07-06
ISBN: 9788075839152

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