The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 2: A Place of Promise - Laurel Mouritsen

The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 2: A Place of Promise

The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 2: A Place of Promise

4 2 5 Scritto da: Laurel Mouritsen Letto da: Nancy Peterson
The compelling story of the Kade family continues in this second volume of The Kade Family Saga series, A Place of Promise, written by Laurel Mouritsen.

The Kades’ two older children, Elizabeth and James, are growing into young adults in the peaceful riverside town of Nauvoo, Illinois, in the 1840s. When traitors plot to murder the Prophet Joseph Smith, James learns of their plan. Danger and intrigue mount as James strives to shield the Prophet from assassination.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth faces dangers of a spiritual nature when she begins associating with friends who will lead her away from the gospel and bring her into open conflict with her family. During a trip to Montrose, she comes in contact with a young Sauk and Fox Indian; their paths will cross again in a surprising twist of events.

As the peace of Nauvoo is being destroyed by foes from within and without the Church, brother and sister are on a collision course that will shatter their family and have repercussions for generations of Kades to come.

Join the Kades in all the color and pageantry, intrigue and suspense, of old Nauvoo. Its legacy as a place of promise will stir your heart and deepen your appreciation for the early Saints.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Narrativa Traduttore:

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Editore: Spoken Realms
Pubblicato: 2019-07-09
Durata: 9H 18Min
ISBN: 9781982684662

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