Cort—Unbreakable - Felice Stevens



3,94 78 5 Scritto da: Felice Stevens Letto da: Kale Williams

I spent years waiting for someone who never put me first.
He took my love, took me for granted.

Took my heart.

Now I’m on my own.
Living life my way.
The crowd only sees my smile.
Never my loneliness and pain.

I need someone to need me.

When I meet another lost soul my friends try to warn me.
He’s a liar.
A user.
He’s all that and more.

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.


I’m king of my world.

Then it all comes crashing down.
My secrets are exposed. I’m cut off from my family. Unrecognizable from the man I used to be. Barely surviving, living day-to-day and out of control.
Nothing to hold on to. I let go and fall so far there’s no way up.

Until a cowboy reaches into my darkness and brings me back to the light.
With him I can breathe.
I can be who I am.
Who he needs.
He gives me hope
To find myself.

To find love.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: Felice Stevens
Pubblicato: 2018-10-22
Durata: 7H 1Min
ISBN: 9781987151978

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