My Sister is Missing - Julia Barrett

My Sister is Missing

My Sister is Missing

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Just weeks after giving birth, Stephanie Henderson and her baby disappear. With husband Adam in despair, and the police investigation stalled, it's up to sister Jess to find them. But when Adam starts to behave suspiciously Jess begins to question what really happened...

Jess fears the worst when she hears of a tragic accident, but was it Stephanie? In turmoil, Jess goes in search of answers, but she isn't prepared for what she uncovers...or for what happens next.

This is a twisted psychological thriller that will make you question what is real, and whether you really can trust those you love.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Thriller Traduttore:

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Editore: RedDoor Publishing
Pubblicato: 2019-03-14
ISBN: 9781912924752

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