Jester's Fortune - Dewey Lambdin

Jester's Fortune

Jester's Fortune

2 1 5 Scritto da: Dewey Lambdin
All the technical details and swashbuckling action scenes readers have come to expect from Dewey LambdinFresh from his successes along the French coast, Commander Alan Lewrie is dispatched to the Adriatic to patrol the shores of Italy and intercept any French ships trying to reinforce Napoleon's armies. The four ship squadron the HMS Jester has joined emerge victorious from the first few skirmishes, but it soon becomes evident, even to Lewrie, that the British forces need reinforcements.
The aid they receive, however, might be the most terrifying aspect of the war yet… and a lethal mistake.

Eighth in The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, Jester's Fortune, is perfect for fans of John Drake, Patrick O’Brian.

‘You could get addicted to this series. Easily’ New York Times Book Review
'The best naval series since C. S. Forester… Recommended’ Library Journal
‘Fast-moving… A hugely likeable hero, a huge cast of sharply drawn supporting characters: there's nothing missing. Wonderful stuff’ Kirkus ReviewsThe Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures
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Editore: Canelo Adventure
Pubblicato: 2018-11-29
ISBN: 9781788633277

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