The Power of Focus - Dawn Jones

The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

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Would you like to be respected and admired without saying a word? Would you like to discover and use nonverbal techniques for negotiating a pay raise at work? Would you like to overcome the fear of public speaking? Then this is the program for you! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents The Power of Focus: What Are You NOT Saying? Nonverbal Techniques that “talk” people into your ideas without saying a word:

1. Discover how to overcome the fear of public speaking.

2. Acquire the skills to motivate people towards your goals.

3. Obtain the nonverbal secrets of confident speakers.

4. Pinpoint how to improve your quality of life and relationships.

5. Take control of the power difficult people have in your life.

6. Recognize and avoid these costly nonverbal credibility robbers.

7. Dawn’s ultimate nonverbal secret for improving your quality of life!

You’ll be able to feel confident and in control in all circumstances—around bosses, co-workers, family, and friends! You’ll discover how to successfully apply this Stephen Covey habit to have the quality of life you’ve always desired. You’ll learn how to stop arguing with difficult people and how to motivate them towards your goals! You’ll be able to take the Anthony Robbins test to live your life without regret. You’ll discover the Linda Larson secret to high self-esteem and how to apply Zig Ziglar’s formula for winning into your life! Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and professional trainer; she is passionate about helping people be their best and live life to the fullest!
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Editore: Made for Success
Pubblicato: 2011-11-30
Durata: 36Min
ISBN: 9781483093086

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