Suiting Saffina: A Box Set - Flora Dain

Suiting Saffina: A Box Set

Suiting Saffina: A Box Set

2 1 5 Scritto da: Flora Dain
Suiting Saffina – the complete box set

1 - Taming Saffina When an heiress runs wild, her stern guardian comes back from abroad to take the whip hand...

2 - Saffina's Secrets He’d taken her in hand, now her guardian takes his ward abroad to find her a suitor. But unknown to him, she’s already found one…

3 - Saffina's Season When he treats her to her first London Season, she looks set to shine. But the more she sparkles, the more he despairs.

As Lady Saffina is soon to inherit a fortune, her rakish guardian, a disgraced Earl, returns from abroad to launch her into society and find her a suitor. To her dismay, he finds her education sadly lacking. He fires her tutors and takes her in hand, determined to tame her wild ways and instill a proper sense of her rank. To her delight, his instruction is strict, detailed and exotic, especially in the darker arts of pleasure. Soon few suitors meet his lofty standards or give her the satisfaction she craves. And even after she finds one, his strict discipline continues...
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Totally Bound Publishing
Pubblicato: 2019-10-08
ISBN: 9781913186777

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