Short sentences for irregular verbs - Richard Ludvik

Short sentences for irregular verbs

Short sentences for irregular verbs

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Now you can practise English irregular verbs in short sentences and remember them better. You will be reading a total of 500 English sentences. You will discover, how to use one hundred irregular verbs in sentences. There are are five sentences for each irregular verb.

You will improve your knowledge of the second form of 100 irregular verbs. In this ebook you will be reading simple irregular verbs (was, bought, spoke) as well as more difficult verbs (upset, forgot or overcame).

At the end of the ebook, you will find a small glossary of all 100 irregular verbs in present and past form of the verb with the reference number which will take you to the verb you want to practise.

You will also practise all persons (he, she, we, they, etc.) Learn on your way to work, when you do sports, when you relax or just before you fall asleep.

Read the ebook Short sentences for irregular verbs now.
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Editore: LudvíkRichard - no-book
Pubblicato: 2018-08-31
ISBN: 9788090502789

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