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Daydream Believer

Scritto da: Mitch Horowitz E-book

Iconic voice of esoteric spirituality Mitch Horowitz provides today’s most impactful work on how and why your mind shapes reality.

Daydream Believer is Mitch’s ultra-statement: this landmark of practical spirituality repairs the gaps in mind-power philosophy and provides a usable, persuasive, and intellectually rigorous vision of why thoughts are causative.

In Daydream Believer, Mitch upends outmoded spiritual concepts and tells the hard-won truth: you experience psychical lives among infinite realms; your mind is an extraphysical and reality-selecting force; and your metaphysical powers are more freely available than you may realize. Daydream Believer explores:

The causal power of a wish alone.
How to tap the energies of thought during periods of grief, depression, or anxiety.
Why prayer and deific petitioning work.
How acknowledgement of suffering is a metaphysical force.
The outer reaches—and limits—of mind power.
What the ablest critics of mind metaphysics get right and wrong.
Unimpeachable scientific evidence of the extra-physicality of thought.

“My hope,” Mitch writes, “is that Daydream Believer takes the last 150 years of experimentation in New Thought to its sharpest peak and sets us on a path for the next stage… If you find my claims bold, I trust that you will find my self-disclosures—necessary for any honest reckoning of practical philosophy—equally so.”

Paris Match: “Convincing…takes us far from naive doctrines.”

Filmmaker Magazine: “A genius at distilling down esoteric concepts.”

Duncan Trussell: “Brilliant.”

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