My American Life: From Rage to Entitlement - Price Cobbs

My American Life: From Rage to Entitlement

My American Life: From Rage to Entitlement

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An important, electrifying memoir of race and rage, rebellion, and redemption, from one of the most preeminent minds in American psychiatry.

Medical professional, corporate consultant, freedom fighter, family man—Dr. Cobbs is diversity defined. A black pioneer in the field of psychiatry who came of age in the Civil Rights era, Dr. Cobbs has devoted his life to the study of race and gender. With My American Life, his first memoir, Dr. Cobbs picks up where the bestseller Black Rage left off by presenting a poignant account of his own journey toward Entitlement—the essential vision of the American dream.

"In my lifetime," he writes, "I've seen African Americans struggle beyond the legacy of slavery and rage to take their place as equal citizens entitled to the same opportunities and responsibilities as everyone else." This fundamental legitimacy of laying claim to one's needs is at the heart of My American Life. More than just a memoir, it is an engaging chronicle of the black experience and a guidebook for self-empowerment.
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Editorial: Atria Books
Publicado: 2006-03-20
ISBN: 9781416510178

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