Gertie's Real-Life Adventures - Jane Dahl

Gertie's Real-Life Adventures

Gertie's Real-Life Adventures

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Ten-year-old Gertie Larson shares three of her most exciting real-life adventures experienced in her hometown of Richfield, Utah, in the early 1900s.

In her first adventure, her disappointment at not having a birthday party is unexpectedly overcome when she, her two sisters, her best friend, and a mentally handicapped youth she befriends are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride Jumbo the elephant in the circus parade!

In her second adventure, a little Ute Indian girl, a What I Have to Be Thankful For essay contest, and a spooky encounter in an abandoned mine with the thing, move her story along to the third and final adventure.

Gertie's third adventure climaxes her two previous ones and includes a community birthday parade for an unlikely birthday celebrant; Gertie's being the volunteer in a demonstration of the pain-relieving properties of a new drug, Novocain; and a surprise wedding.

Woven throughout Gertie's adventures are lessons of faith, love, and family unity. How these lessons affect Gertie, her family, and her friends make Gertie's Real-Life Adventures joyful reading.
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Editorial: Resource Publications
Publicado: 2008-10-20
ISBN: 9781498274272

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