The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition - Joel D. Vaughan

The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition

The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition

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Christian Coalition experienced a meteoric rise in American politics in the 1990s only to see its profile and impact vanish into embarrassing irrelevancy at the end of the decade, leaving many to ask, "Whatever happened to the Christian Coalition?"

Joel Vaughan offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Christian Coalition, once the pre-eminent, conservative grassroots political organization in America. Working closely with founder Pat Robertson, President Don Hodel, and wunderkind Executive Director Ralph Reed, the author reveals in a captivating manner the factors that caused the rapid growth of this astonishingly successful organization, and the internal strife that led to its tragic and rapid decline.

Containing useful insights for leaders about organizational dynamics and grassroots movements of any kind, The Rise and Fall of the Christian Coalition shows how people of faith can become more effective at making their voice heard in local, state, and national elections, as well as many obstacles and ambitions to avoid.

Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a song about a young man who went to work for the British Admiralty and "polished up the handles so carefully" that he became ruler of Queen Victoria's Navy. Joel Vaughan rose from volunteer to Deputy Field Director and, ultimately, to the dual positions of Assistant to the President and Director of Administration. He brings an insider's intimate knowledge of the explosive growth and the ultimate crisis in leadership of Christian Coalition.

Full of behind-the-scenes anecdotes and revelations, this book is a "must read" for every person interested in American politics who wants a better idea of the pro-family movement and its foremost organization, as well as those interested in the Do's and Don'ts of running a nonprofit organization.
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Editorial: Resource Publications
Publicado: 2009-06-15
ISBN: 9781621892120

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