The Wisdom of Kierkegaard - Clifford Williams

The Wisdom of Kierkegaard

The Wisdom of Kierkegaard

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Tucked away in the complicated prose that fills many of Soren Kierkegaard's books are numerous insightful declarations. They arrest the reader with their depth of understanding. They often are expressed in a lilting and lyrical manner. Encountering them makes working through the intricate prose eminently worthwhile.

The Wisdom of Kierkegaard contains two hundred fifty such passages, chosen partly because of their ability to be understood apart from their context and partly because of their ability to provoke an "Ah! That's true" response. Many of them contain a "twist" that imparts an incisive jab. Some are on themes for which Kierkegaard is well known, but many are on a variety of other significant themes. The passages are organized in alphabetical sections, which are introduced by a brief essay.
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Editorial: Wipf and Stock
Publicado: 2009-06-01
ISBN: 9781498275484

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