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“The book is filled with humor and soul-baring honesty, as Krikorian describes her adventures down just about every self-help road there is.” —The Independent

When the recession turned her life upside down, Stephanie Krikorian had to reinvent her life—and fast. She started ghostwriting self-help books for women. Between writing and researching she realized that everywhere she looked there was AFOG. Another freaking opportunity for growth. Soon she wasn’t just writing each book; she was living them. This was the start of a ten-year zen bender of dieting, dating, journaling, meditating, and Marie-Kondo-ing on a quest for that ultimate self-help high.

Stephanie Krikorian spent her forties trying all of the dating hacks to find love and respect, all of the diets to build self-esteem in a new body, and all of the spiritual guidance to become centered through self-care. On the brink of turning fifty she realized that being better wasn’t what she craved; it was something else altogether.

Zen Bender is the story of one woman’s journey to radical acceptance, with some questionable advice along the way. A witty, moving, insightful story, the woman behind bestselling celebrity self-help books shares her story of being hooked on the self-help fix for a decade before learning that all the self-help in the world won’t help you trust gut.

“A wise, witty and thought-provoking book that tends in just the place you’d hope it would. A great read whether you have a Reiki healer on speed dial, or, well, not.” —Marianne Power, author of Help Me!: One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Her Life
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Editorial: Mango Media
Publicado: 2019-08-15
ISBN: 9781642500301

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