Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and other Woodland Medicinals - Jeanine Davis, W. Scott Persons

Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and other Woodland Medicinals

Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and other Woodland Medicinals

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New edition is 50% revised with 20% new material including chapters for the home grower Jeanine Davis is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University, and co-owner of Our Tiny Farm in Etowah, NC. She specializes in medicinal herbs. Jeanine has a lively online presence and maintains several websites (,, and, and blogs at, and on Facebook and Twitter W. Scott Pearson is the owner/operator of GREEN GOLD ENTERPRISES, Inc. – woodland ginseng grower, broker, consultant and author of American Ginseng: GREEN GOLD He has successfully grown American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in woodland plantings since 1979, full time since 1986 and is widely recognized as an expert in the growing and marketing of wild-simulated and woods-cultivated ginseng This book is the most comprehensive manual on growing shade-loving medicinal herbs, written for the profit-driven farmer and the gardener. Detailed guidance in growing and marketing is supplemented with personal stories of successful growers, as well as with extensive references and resources. Small landowners, if they follow this book and use patience and common sense, can grow many of these native medicinals profitably while preserving and even enhancing their woodlands. Previous edition sales were largely regional
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Editorial: New Society Publishers
Publicado: 2014-05-01
ISBN: 9781550925630

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