The Forgotten Tombs - The Fate of the Elves 3 - Peter Gotthardt

The Forgotten Tombs - The Fate of the Elves 3

The Forgotten Tombs - The Fate of the Elves 3

4,33 3 5 Autor: Peter Gotthardt Narrador: Jed Odermatt
Disponible como audiolibro.
A mighty enemy has arrived in the land of the Elves. He wishes to enslave everyone who lives there. If the Elves are going to survive, they will need both courage and hope. Somewhere deep inside the mountain is the divining rod which can defeat King Vainglorious, the worst enemy of the Elves. But no one knows where it is hidden. Can Bramble and his friends find its hiding place before it is too late? This is the third of four books in the series of "The Fate of the Elves." Read all the books in the series: The Ironclad Warriors The Heart of Stone The Forgotten Tombs The Enchanted Flute About the author Peter Gotthardt was born in Denmark close to Copenhagen in 1946. As a child he loved to read, and spent much of his time reading his was through his local libraries collections of history and adventure books. Gotthardt has written more than 60 books for children of which many are set within the realm of the Elves.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Infantil Colecciones: The Fate of the Elves: 3 Traductor: Martin Reib Petersen

Editorial: SAGA Egmont
Publicado: 2017-02-01
Duración: 46M
ISBN: 9788711744932

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