The Joy of Simplicity - Allen Klein

The Joy of Simplicity

The Joy of Simplicity

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A guide to finding your path to peace of mind in the midst of a hectic life, for fans of You Can’t Ruin My Day, Beautifully Said, and Badass Affirmations.

Allen Klein, bestselling author with over half a million happy readers, offers a cogent reminder that joy is simply a matter of choice. And it’s yours to make. Relax, release, refocus, and renew. Keep what you need in your life and let go of everything else including “stuff.”

The calming quotes, tranquil wisdom, and power thoughts in this book come from notable authors, celebrities, philosophers, and others who recognize the virtues of a simple, stress-free life. Grouped around basic themes like “Go with the Flow,” “Focus on What’s Important,” and “Slow Down,” these sayings are reminders that it is still possible to achieve peace and harmony in today’s fast-paced world. Bliss is just around the corner.

The Joy of Simplicity is... • A reminder that it is possible to achieve a state of peace and harmony in today’s fast-paced world
• A collection of quotes to make you smile, laugh, and reflect on what you really need in your life
• A wonderful gift for those looking for serenity and focus in the midst of a fast-paced world
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Editorial: Mango Media
Publicado: 2020-02-18
ISBN: 9781642501469

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