Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark - Konstantinos

Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark

Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark

2,5 2 5 Autor: Konstantinos Narrador: Paul Brion
The Powers of Night

Nocturnal Energies differ from those of Daylight and Witches have long known how to take advantage of Lunar Powers and the spiritual entities that prefer the darkness for particular magical operations.

This innovative book explores special techniques for working with the Night Powers and the subtle effects of dark symbols to: cast a Nocturnal Magick Circle; invoke the Dark Gods and Goddesses; skry the night; open the Gates to the Underworld; cast spells through the Dark Ether; and explore the symbolic realm of shadow, illusion, and the mysteries of the unknown.

You will learn to find your inner quiet, read minds through the ether, dream for change, create and use thought forms, alter reality through simple spells and rites, and use the powers of magnetism and suggestion. And you will explore the mysteries of death and learn to speak with the dead.

The Dark balances the Light. Do not fear it but equally embrace it.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Religión y espiritualidad Traductor:

Editorial: Tantor Audio
Publicado: 2020-01-28
Duración: 6H 25M
ISBN: 9781977365408

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