History of the United States During Thomas Jefferson's Administrations (All 4 Volumes) - Henry Adams

History of the United States During Thomas Jefferson's Administrations (All 4 Volumes)

History of the United States During Thomas Jefferson's Administrations (All 4 Volumes)

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The presidency of Thomas Jefferson began on March 4, 1801, when he was inaugurated as the third President of the United States, and ended on March 4, 1809. In domestic affairs Jefferson sought to put the principles of republicanism into action. In foreign affairs, the major developments were the acquisition of the gigantic Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803, an embargo against trade with both Great Britain and France, and worsening relations with Britain as the United States tried to remain neutral in the midst of the Napoleonic Wars that engulfed Europe.

Physical and Economical Conditions
Popular Characteristics
American Ideals
The Inauguration
The Judiciary Debate
The Spanish Court
Toussaint Louverture
Closure of the Mississippi
Monroe's Mission
Rupture of the Peace of Amiens
The Louisiana Treaty
Claim to West Florida
Constitutional Difficulties
The Louisiana Debate
Louisiana Legislation
The Yazoo Claims
The Trial of Justice Chase
Quarrel with Yrujo
Pinckney's Diplomacy
Monroe and Talleyrand
Cordiality with England
Anthony Merry
Jefferson's Enemies
England and Tripoli
Internal Improvement
Monroe's Diplomacy
Cabinet Vacillations
The Florida Message
The Two-Million Act
John Randolph's Schism
Madison's Enemies
Domestic Affairs
Burr's Schemes
Escape Past Fort Massac
Claiborne and Wilkinson
Collapse of the Conspiracy
The Berlin Decree
Monroe's Treaty
Rejection of Monroe's Treaty
Burr's Trial
The "Chesapeake" and "Leopard"
Demands and Disavowals
Perceval and Canning
The Orders in Council
No More Neutrals
Insults and Popularity
The Embargo
The Mission of George Rose
Measures of Defence
The Rise of a British Party
The Enforcement of Embargo
The Cost of Embargo
The Dos de Maio
England's Reply to the Embargo
Failure of Embargo
Perplexity and Confusion
Diplomacy and Conspiracy
General Factiousness
Repeal of Embargo
Jefferson's Retirement
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Editorial: Madison & Adams Press
Publicado: 2018-01-01
ISBN: 9788026881506

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