King, Ship, and Sword - Dewey Lambdin

King, Ship, and Sword

Autor: Dewey Lambdin
Formato: Libro electrónico

King, Ship, and Sword

Autor: Dewey Lambdin
Formato: Libro electrónico
December 1801. The long war is over, but Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is appalled by its consequences. What is a dashing and successful frigate captain to 'do' with himself if he's ashore?

And where will Lewrie twiddle his thumbs and be bored to death until the war begins again, as he's sure it will? Will he idle in expensive, exciting London, or go home to his rented farm in Anglesgreen in Surrey, and rejoin his wife? Peace and domesticity are hellish-hard on the rakehells!

Yet by the spring of 1802, Lewrie and his Caroline have reconciled (again) and are off to make a go of a second honeymoon - in Paris, France, of all places! But Lewrie just can't help getting into trouble, and he and Caroline must flee for their lives, with aid from the most unlikely source imaginable.

When war breaks out again in May of 1803, Lewrie has fresh orders, a new frigate, and a chance to punish and pursue the French, but it's no longer for Duty or King and Country - now it's personal!

Number sixteen in The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, King, Ship and Sword is perfect for fans of Patrick O'Brian, Julian Stockwin and C.S. Forester.

‘You could get addicted to this series. Easily’ New York Times Book Review

'The best naval series since C. S. Forester… Recommended’ Library Journal

‘Fast-moving… A hugely likeable hero, a huge cast of sharply drawn supporting characters: there's nothing missing. Wonderful stuff’ Kirkus Reviews
Publicado: 2020-02-17
ISBN: 9781788638753

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