Diary of a Minecraft Alex – Book 3: Cavern Crawl (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book) - MC Steve

Diary of a Minecraft Alex – Book 3: Cavern Crawl (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book)

Diary of a Minecraft Alex – Book 3: Cavern Crawl (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book)

5.0 14 5 Autor: MC Steve Narrador: MC Alex
Disponible como audiolibro.
How much adventuring in the Nether can you take?

After good-natured, adventure loving friend Steve takes a crack at Alex about not getting out enough, the strong willed girl decides to go on an adventure of her own. Like it or not, she will have to pay a visit to the creepy caverns of the Nether in order to track down diamonds for herself and iron ore for Steve.

Things don’t unravel as she hoped they would though. It turns out that Nether crawling might not be the best adventure for her to tackle on her own. After getting stung by a poisonous spider, Alex is ultimately rescued by Steve who nurses her back to health. Meanwhile, after crawling through the village at night, she discovers that Steve has been "redecorating” the place to prepare for a party he is planning to celebrate his birthday coming up in a week.

As if one adventure isn’t enough, Alex decides to take another trek, this time in search of a present for Steve in a nearby jungle biome. The only problem is, she doesn’t know where the jungle biome is. She is dismayed when she realizes she has to return to the Nether again.

Will Alex make her way out safely? Will she get back in time for Steve’s party, or at all? Who will she encounter in the Nether? Only time will tell when you listen to Cavern Crawl… A kind-hearted tale about the bond of friendship and pushing yourself to the limit, Cavern Crawl will have your little one cheering for the protagonists when they are not on the edge of their seat.

This unapologetically positive story teaches important lessons, and is sure to capture the attention of children who love Minecraft.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Infantil Traductor:

Editorial: Leopard Books LLC
Publicado: 2001-01-01
Duración: 1H 11M
ISBN: 9781518910326

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