On Happiness - Epicurus

On Happiness

On Happiness

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"The body cries out to not be hungry, not be thirsty, not be cold. Anyone who has these things, and who is confident of continuing to have them, can rival the gods for happiness. "

This collection features the surviving works of Epicurus, whose insightful discourses range over a vast array of subjects, from family and religion to morality and metaphysics. Behind every discussion lies one guiding principle: the desire to understand how humans can achieve true happiness.

With a detailed introduction and an explanatory chapter, On Happiness is the perfect introduction to one of Ancient Greece's most influential philosophers. In these life-affirming writings, Epicurus lays a path for all of us to follow.
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Editorial: Arcturus
Publicado: 2019-01-31
ISBN: 9781789506839

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