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WJSV: A Day in Radio History

WJSV: A Day in Radio History

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In this rare and exciting collection, Radio Archives offers you the chance to travel back in time and experience a complete broadcast day from September 1939, including every minute of the day from the 6:00 AM sign-on right through to sign-off at 1:00 AM the next morning. Thanks to the foresight of the Library of Congress and station WJSV in Washington D.C., you’ll hear exactly what it was like to listen to the radio in 1939 - including the early morning wake-up show, the soap operas, the news and interviews, a live baseball game from Griffith Stadium, and a speech by President Roosevelt, right through to “Amos ‘n’ Andy”, Major Bowes and his “Original Amateur Hour”, a series of live big band remotes, and the national anthem at the end of the day. It’s a once in a lifetime trip back to radios Golden Age - and Radio Archives is proud to present it in sparkling, fully restored digital sound.
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Editorial: Radio Archives, LLC
Publicado: 2019-10-01
Duración: 18H 45M
ISBN: 9781690542292

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